From Scratch Pizza Sauce


Every year we have a little garden, well, I’ll say my wife has one as she is the driving force behind it. I help as needed. And, while we don’t do too bad, we have ebbs and flows in what grows well and what doesn’t. This year we seem to have a quandary with tomatoes (at least I feel) where it doesn’t seem like we have as many as in past year but we still have a bunch of tomatoes laying around that we have to use up, give away, whatever. First world problems, right?

Usually my wife will make spaghetti sauce out of the tomatoes or just find ways to eat them (I am not a fan of just eating a tomato). But we were looking for something else to do with them so my wife suggested pizza sauce. From time to time we do make our own pizzas and having some sauce to use wouldn’t be bad. And I can’t take full credit for this recipe either. My wife found this one online, she got the tomatoes prepped by peeling them and she took care of it at the end (more on the later).

Putting it together was fairly easy, this biggest thing with this is letting it cool for 1 1/2 hours. We used about 2 1/2 pounds of fresh tomatoes as that’s what we came up with measuring them out. Plus I used a teaspoon of garlic powder over the fresh garlic. Not that I didn’t have any garlic but it seemed easier (one less thing to cut up). I also left out the red pepper flakes it calls for. I could have probably used them as it would cook down but I didn’t take that “risk” of the potential spiciness.

After my wife got the tomatoes peeled, I rough chopped them and threw them into the pot with everything else. I chose not to de-seed them as I was going to hit this with the immersion blender at the end to smooth it all out. I used a fairly big pot which might have been a mistake. As there wasn’t that much in the pot, it was spread out and not very thick which may have caused it to cook faster as there was more surface area. But, I didn’t have a medium sized pot. The smaller one we had seemed too small.

Anyway, off we went. Since it had to sit for an hour and a half, I went off to do other things, checking on it occasionally. That backfired though. At one point I was sitting and watching TV thinking that I needed to go upstairs and check on it as it was almost done. Next thing I know, it’s 10 pm. Which was a half hour later than the end time for the sauce. I went upstairs and my wife was taking care of getting it off the stove. So….it cooked an extra 30 minutes which really thickened the sauce. And, since it was later and it was thicker, I didn’t use the immersion blender. And, we had planned to portion it out into muffin cup portions to freeze for individual use but we didn’t do that either given that it was thick. And there was “less” of it.

So it all went in one container. A few days later, I used some of it to make a quick pizza (no post on that one) for the girls as I was making a “fancy” pizza for me (a post on that coming up).

I did try the sauce, both just as the sauce and then a piece of the pizza. It was pretty good. I found that I used about half of what was there for the 12″ square pizza crust I was using. The rest I ended up freezing as I can’t say when I’d be making another pizza.

I think I do need to try this again, this time with the proper time to see how it turns out that way. Luckily, we have another pile of tomatoes.

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