Chicken Bacon Lasagna Rolls


It has bacon, so I made it. Is that a good enough blog post? Oh, and here is a link to the recipe Chicken Bacon Lasagna Rolls

But in all seriousness, that is sort of how I decided to make it. Doing a lasagna “roll” sounded like a cool idea and, yes, it had bacon, so it definitely was on the list to make.

I think they turned out really well despite my trying to hurry my way through the recipe and the fact that there are several steps where something could have gone wrong. But it all came together nicely, cooked well and tasted great. The kids loved it, not asking anything about it other than what it was.

But it did take awhile to make. It was about an hour of prep and assembly (multitasking as best I could) and then baking it. It was a little frustrating at how long it was taking as I was hurrying my way through the recipe trying to get it done before my wife had to leave for a meeting. But I was about 10-15 minutes short. There was just too much going on to get it all done. And that is not a problem with the recipe but I just didn’t know how long it was going to take and I thought I had given myself enough time. But no.

The only problem I ran into is that the cream cheese wasn’t as softened as I would have liked it but again, if I had more time, it would have been softer. I found myself really trying to shmush it around to get it mixed up. In the end I think there were still some chunks of it but it didn’t seem to be a problem eating it (you didn’t hit a big bite if cream cheese).

I will say that the cream cheese mixture did seem like an awful lot and that I would have a bunch left over but I didn’t. I just kept putting it on the noodles. I was concerned that it was all going to be too much which would mean that rolling them up would be a problem but it worked out.

One of the best parts was cooking the bacon. I mean, who doesn’t like smelling bacon, onions and garlic all cooking together? I did find that it worked extremely well to slice the bacon all up, small, and fry it I a pan like that. Much easier to do that than bake it and then cut it up. And yes, I realize that for this you needed the grease for the onion and garlic but I think the next time I need a bunch of sliced, cooked bacon I will do it that way.

For changes, a few minor ones –
I used two cans of chicken which was about 2 cups that was much easier.
I used a jar of Alfredo sauce that was probably a little more than 2 cups but more sauce is okay.
I put all of the bacon mixture inside of the rolls. When it came down to it, I didn’t feel like there was enough to save for the top.
I skipped the shredded mozzarella cheese. Mostly because of the timing. Since I’ve been buying blocks of cheese I needed to shred it and I just didn’t have time, trying to get it done before my wife left. Instead I sprinkled a bunch of Parmesan on top. It was still good.

The only thing I would do differently is to make sure that the sauce on top covers the noodles. Really spread it around. Some of the noodle edges dried out.

I baked it for only 25 minutes (the low end of the recommendation). Had I not been in a hurry I may have done it for somewhere in the middle. But I thought it turned out just fine with the time it was in there.

Oh and I made this for dinner, as the main meal. I noticed on the recipe that it is a categorized as an appetizer. I suppose it could be but it was also plenty for a meal.

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