Lemony Lemon Brownies


I’ve been thinking about how to start this and two phrases come to mind –

1. Too much lemon
2. You better like lemon if you are going to make these.

Get the hint? I don’t know if it is a completely fair assessment as I think the brownies by itself may not be that lemony but add in the glaze and it goes through the roof. The first piece I had, which is in the picture, I thought was really good but as I tried to finish it, it was hard to do so. It was just too much lemon. And, everyone else thought the same thing. Everyone ate it, but it was a lot of lemon.

Making it wasn’t too hard, although I could have done something different with the brownie part. The 8×8 pans I have seem a little worse for wear and I am always reluctant to make something in just the pan. So this time I lined with with parchment paper. It worked but foil would have been much better. With the foil, I would have been able to get it down in the corners easier and I probably would have left it in the pan. Instead I pulled out out to let it cool and wound up putting it in another container so I could pour the glaze over.

Speaking of the glaze. I used two lemons, both for the zest and for the juice. I think it gave me the right amount of zest and, in measuring it out it was just a little more than the amount if juice needed. What happened however it the end result was a pretty liquid glaze. Not very glaze like at all. So I added more powdered sugar until it was at the consistency that I preferred. Which wound up being the equivalent of doubling the amount of powdered sugar.

And then, to a degree, it was still not as glaze like as I might have though but it was ok. I say that since I then poured it over the brownies and a lot of it ran off on to the sides. Now, had it remained in the pan, it would have obviously not ran out but it would have been a pretty thick layer of glaze.

If you choose to try this recipe yourself, I would recommend starting the glaze out as it calls for and seeing what happens. Maybe it will turn out different for you.

So, all in all, it was a good recipe to try, something a little different but maybe not the best. But if you really like lemon, it may be the best thing you ever ate.

Lemony Lemon Brownies

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