Rhubarb Peach Cobbler


Since I went and bought a quite a few peaches this last weekend at the local farmers market I had to figure out something to do with some of them. Not that I was going to use all of them up right away but I figured that if I bought them I should at least use some right away. Enter this recipe for a Rhubarb and Peach Cobbler from Alton Brown and the Food Network.

I like Alton Brown so this was interesting to try. Plus it had rhubarb which I like and peaches which I love…….. I will say that the combination does sound a little interesting and one that might not be too great (especially with the lime zest, etc. added in) but it turned out really great.

There is a bit of a time commitment to it as you need to make the dough, then let it sit for 30 minutes and then finish putting it together and bake it. I was in a bit of a time crunch, and probably shouldn’t have tried making it the night I did, but I managed to pull it off in just enough time before we had to leave the house. Granted we didn’t eat any until we came home but at least I got it made.

The only thing that I directly changed on this was that I used vegetable shortening in place of the lard. I’m not opposed to using lard but I didn’t feel like trying to track down where to buy it (they don’t have it at my normal grocery store) for the small amount I needed. So I eyeballed the amount I needed of shortening and put it in the freezer to chill it. Other than that the only thing I did differently was that I didn’t weigh out any of the ingredients. I know Alton Brown is big on that and I know there are benefits to doing it but I usually don’t do it. Maybe it’s just laziness. I should try it sometime and see how it works out. Just need to get myself a digital scale.

All in all it was a very good dish with all the flavors working well. Not that I thought it wouldn’t taste good given that it was from Alton Brown and the Food Network but there is always a chance and a chance that we just wouldn’t like it. But we did.

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