Peach and Cardamom Lemonade


I won’t say that I am a sucker for anything peach related but a peach pie is my absolute favorite and I am partial to other peach desserts. But not everything peach related. But, when I came across this recipe it sounded good enough to give it a whirl. Maybe it was the fact that it was a “from scratch” lemonade or just being unique. Anyway, I tried it.

And while the plan had been to go buy lots of peaches at the farmers market in about a week, I had a brain lapse on that and bought some from the grocery store. Not an issue but I probably could have waited until I got the peaches from the market. And then I had to find the cardamom which, not having it and adding one more spice to the cabinet was a little frustrating. I’ve got so many different spices in the cabinet I think I may need an intervention. I’ve actually made a commitment (to myself) to try and use up some of the random spices to clean the cabinet out. And here I am, buying more. It’s actually so bad that I’ve forgotten what’s in there and I have several containers if the same stuff. But I digress, again.

Once I found the cardamom, I had a moment of sticker shock and almost cancelled the whole thing. $12.99 for that jar…….$12.99!!!!!!!!. Holy cow….what is this stuff made of anyway?

But I bought it. I was committed to making the recipe and I did it. Now I just have to find a book on 101 uses for cardamom. Or I guess I could just keep making this lemonade.

In putting it together it is a little labor intensive and I even cheated a bit. It calls for 1 1/2 cups of fresh lemon juice. That’s a lot. Lately I’ve been getting 1-2 TBSP from a lemon when I’ve made a dish. That means I’d need between 12 and 24 lemons to squeeze to get that much juice. No thanks. I bought a larger bottle of lemon juice and called it a day. I realize it is not “fresh” but it is still lemon juice.

I also used a full cup of brown sugar (packed in there). Since it said a “scant cup” was a little pucker-y I went with a full cup. The most labor in this is the straining of the mixture once it comes out of the blender. It’s not bad, it just takes time. And you have to just how much is just going to be the liquid and how much of the pulp do you want in there. If you press hard enough, the pulp will start to go through. I can’t say exactly what my ratio was, but I left a fair amount of pulp in the strainer. I think I had about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of lemon-peach mix when it was done.

As for the finished product, it was very good. My wife called it “very refreshing”. I can’t say I would make this all the time but it might be a nice addition to a summer party as an extra drink. But in the end, it only made about 2 quarts so there is a limited quantity and making more isn’t very quick. Oh, and I don’t recommend using the crushed ice to drink it. To me, it was hard to drink it as you have very little of the liquid in the cup and the ice is blocking it from coming back out when drinking.

Here is the recipe I used.

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