Salt Crust Scallops with Thai Lime Dip


Back at Christmas my sister and her husband gave me a Himalayan salt block as a gift. Sadly, it took me until now to actually use it. Not that I didn’t want to, but it got set in a place that was a little “out of sight, out of mind” and I wasn’t really sure what to cook on it. I mean, I know you can do lots of things on it but I was looking for something unique.

So a few months ago (something like that) I did a search and found a few recipes I thought I’d try out. And then it became a timing game, trying to figure out when was the best time and what I should do first. I picked this recipe and actually bought the scallops a while back but didn’t make it a priority until recently to actually make it.

I have to admit that my first experience with using it was mediocre. But, that was due to operator error. I had patted dry the scallops and let them sit as directed but it turns out they weren’t thawed all the way so they were still wet when I put them on. And no, I didn’t take the time to pat them dry again I should have as you can see from the picture that there was this brown stuff that “burnt” on to the salt block. And, it was ridiculously hard to get off. Meanwhile the house stunk like seafood for about a day while I let the block cool, attempt to clean it, let it sit and then clean it again. I had stuck it in the oven since it was hot and needed to cool and it even stunk up the oven a little bit.

Lesson learned on that one. I also used the gas side of the grill as I thought that would work better to heat up the block and control the heat. I’m sure it did but I need to do some major cleaning in that side of the grill and fix the burner covers. So there was a bit of a hiccup there. All in all, I will use it again, just need to be smarter about it.

For the food itself, it was okay the dip makes a lot, way more in my estimation than you need for the scallops it makes. And, I found myself scooping up some of the jail open and carrot as it seems it was going to waste if all I did was just dip it in there.

So, maybe it wasn’t the right recipe to try for my first foray into using the salt block but you have to start somewhere.

I found this recipe, and the others I want to try from the website for The Oregonian (newspaper website).

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