Blueberry Shortbread Bites


See? I’m on a cooking kick. After being gone for a week and another two weeks of not really cooking that much (or at least nothing worth posting) I’m making up for it. Plus I’m going to be gone on a few trips coming up so there will be less posting going in the future. So here I am, cleaning out a bunch of recipes and making a lot of food. And getting behind in my posting. Well, sort of. I’ve tried to spread my posting out so as to not post a whole bunch in one day but when you’ve got about 6 things to post about with more being added, you start to do what you need to in order to get it all done. And not forget everything you might want to say.

So here we are with this recipe. Another one I randomly found and wanted to make. Actually this specific recipe isn’t the one I started with. The one I started with disappeared. Well, not quite but all of a sudden it would pull up anymore. So I had to Google “blueberry shortbread bites” and pick one. I picked this one. The only difference, not that it matters, between this one and my original (that I could tell) was that this one called for dried blueberries and the other had called for fresh. And since I had already bought the fresh blueberries, I used them anyway.

This recipe also gave me a chance to use my mini muffin pan, something I’ve had so long I can’t remember when I bought it. But never used it. Until now. My impulse for buying cooking related things I don’t really need strikes again. Actually, I can’t say that I always but things I don’t need, I just buy things and them don’t use them right away.

Anyway, this came together pretty well although I had to “pulse” the food processor more that it said to get the mix right. Putting it in the pan was a little interesting. I probably should have poured the mix into a bowl and gone from there. I always find it difficult to get stuff out of the food processor but I’m not always inclined to dirty another dish. This said it made 36 but my mini muffin pan only had 24 spots. However, after filling each one full and pressing it in there, I got about 97% of the mix into the 24 spots. I call that a success.

When baking however, it took about 25 minutes (instead of 15) until I was satisfied they were done. Maybe if they were smaller, it would have only taken the 15 minutes. After letting them cool in the pan it was easy to take a knife and pop each one out. They are still “bite size” from my perspective but I guess they would be even more so if I had spread it out over 36.

Oh, and they taste fantastic.

Here is the recipe that I ultimately used. No changes except for a cup of fresh berries instead of dried.

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