Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread


Last year we wound up with a lot of zucchinis and I ended up shredding them and then freezing what we didn’t use right away. Fast forward to this year, we really haven’t gotten a lot of zucchinis. But never fear! We never used the zucchini we froze so we have some! Which works out well but……it seems like we should have used it up already. Oh well.

This recipe for Glazed Lemon Zucchini bread turned out GREAT. I loved it, everyone who tried it loved it, it is just fantastic. The lemon, in the bread itself, plus the lemon in the glaze give it such a fresh characteristic that sets it apart from regular zucchini bread. Plus, who doesn’t like a powdered sugar glaze over anything?

A few notes on this – as I had frozen two cups of zucchini per bag, I had to double the recipe to use up all the zucchini (darn). Also, pour all the water/juice that is in the bag with the zucchini. The last time I made bread I poured that out and kind of squeezed some other liquid out and it just did not turn out well. That liquid needs to be in the bread. Just think, if you hadn’t frozen it, it would all still be there anyway.

While I have used cake flour before, I’d never used it in a bread like this. I like it. I might have to try it in banana bread next time I make that. And, I did buy actual lemons to get the zest from instead of using dried like I normally do. I went back and forth on it as it is easier to use the dried but I think the fresh stuff worked better here. I used a micro plane grater so it was pretty fine when it went in the bowl.

And I did squeeze the juice out of the lemons to use but I really didn’t get that much out so I had to supplement with stuff out of a bottle. Which I’m fine with. It’s a lot of work (and mess) to do it yourself.

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