Enchilada Casserole


Well, I’m back (finally). For a little bit anyway. There are some more trips in a few weeks that will make cooking take a back seat but for the moment, I’m back, sliding back into some kind of routine and ready to go. I’m even in so much of a routine that it is Wednesday morning and I’m already three posts behind with at least another three dishes coming today….. Guess I’m playing catch up.

So, since I’ve not cooked a lot in awhile, these recipes have been sitting for awhile. Not quite as long as some of my others have sat but anyway.

This enchilada casserole recipe comes from one of my new(er) favorite blogs, www.bunsinmyoven.com. What drew me to this one specifically was what it was. As I’ve said before I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to Mexican dishes. So this one made the list.

It was really good, although it took longer to make that I had remembered reading. That wasn’t an issue but it was a little discouraging when I went to make it and realized it was going to be a bit longer than anticipated.

The only change I made was using all cheddar cheese instead of a mixture. I had a block of cheddar that needed to be used and shredded half of it which was more than enough. I did choose to use the green chilies (mild) hoping that it wouldn’t result in it being too spicy. But it wasn’t (at all) and and everyone ate it and loved it.

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