Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cider Donuts


I made donuts. Or rather I made a donut. Singular. One. See above picture. Now I just didn’t go through all this work to make just one donut, but I had a little issue. Namely, the dough was WAY to sticky and it stuck to the paper on the pan (stuck to everything really) and although I cut out nice donut shapes, I only managed to get one off, unbroken and into the oil to make it look like a donut.

And I must say that when I look at the donut, I’m pretty proud of myself. I made a donut. Then I look at the plate behind me and……..well, I’m not so proud anymore. What’s on the plate behind are a bunch of wanna be donut holes and misshapen fried bits of dough. Sigh………….

Now, I will say, as I have said before, that while presentation matters, taste matters more. At least to me. I don’t care if something isn’t “pretty” as long as it tastes good. And these tasted good. So as frustrating as the whole process turned out to be, the end result wasn’t bad.

By the way, this recipe came from my new favorite blog Buns In My Oven. And you might be thinking, isn’t this more of a fall dish? Well, I suppose it could be but I made it to celebrate the (still) cooler-than-normal July temperatures. Plus I found a half gallon of cider at the store and didn’t want this recipe to sit for a few months.

Now, regarding “what went wrong” with this. Honestly, while making it I saw that the dough was really sticky but not having made this prior I really didn’t know that there was anything wrong. For all I knew, the freezer would fix the problem. It sort of did (not really). I wound up having to flatten the dough between two pieces of parchment paper since it was so sticky. After the time in the freezer the top layer pulled right off. I had hoped that meant the bottom one would as well. Nope. Now having gone through this, I can see that, for whatever happened, a little more flour added in would have taken away the stickiness of it and probably have made it work better.

Regarding cutting them out, I don’t have a donut cutter so I used a 2 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ biscuit cutters. Although it looked kind of funny cut out (very skinny rings) the one that I got off the pan turned out pretty good.

For the oil, I bought a gallon of corn oil (it was cheaper and didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with using it) that I poured into my big dutch oven. It didn’t result in a full 3″ of oil (maybe 2 1/2″) but there was plenty of space to put a lot of pieces in to fry at once. I used a candy thermometer to watch the temp. That was an imperfect way of doing it (the whole thing, not the candy thermometer) as the burner was hard to control to maintain the temp. Even watching it closely and trying to adjust, I got it as high as 380 and as low as 320 (during frying). But it all worked out. Once I was done I slid the dutch oven to the back of the stove and put the lid on, cracked to let heat escape and let it cool. The next morning I poured it back in the jug and tossed it.

I felt a little bad about that but saving it didn’t seem feasible. I don’t fry that often. If I had an actual fryer, then I would have saved it. But I don’t. And I’m still a little torn about getting one but, I don’t think I will. I just don’t use it that often.

So overall, they tasted great but were a little difficult to get made. I did make these in the evening as they take over an hour to do and that wasn’t going to happen on a weekday.

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