Bear On A Beach Pudding Cups


One more quick, cute idea I found (a picture on Facebook) that I made for the birthday party last weekend.

From a presentation standpoint, these turned out great (pretty proud of myself, I must say). But from a taste perspective………something wasn’t right. Mostly with the pudding. And that is the confusing part as it was just vanilla pudding with some blue food coloring. But it didn’t taste great. So, while these were cute, they turned to be not so edible. At least the pudding part.

As for making them, you can kind of tell from the picture what went into it. This is another recipe where quantities are dependent on how many you want to make. I used a small box of pudding and got 7 cups.

1 small box light colored pudding
Blue food coloring
Crushed vanilla wafers
Teddy Grahams
Blanket material
Umbrella toothpicks

Mix the pudding as directed. Add blue food coloring to desired hue. I went lighter for the water. Let set up in the fridge. Put crushed vanilla wafers in the cup (sand). Lay something down for a blanket. I used a cut up fruit roll up. Lay a Teddy Graham on the blanket. Garnish with the umbrella.

I made these ahead of time (a few hours) and put them back in the fridge. You could wait until right before serving to add all the other stuff if you didn’t want them in the fridge like that. I don’t think that made a difference but they were not covered when I had them in the fridge.

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