Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings


Last weekend we had the birthday party for my youngest so there was another deluge of cooking that I’m trying to catch up on posting about. There is a benefit to having the kids birthdays only two weeks apart – you get the parties over with in a short period of time but it does strain the cooking plans as you try to create two separate yet substantial meals for pretty much the same people.

This little appetizer recipe has been hanging around for awhile that I found on Facebook but was referenced as coming from I’ll be honest that I didn’t look on the website for the recipe, just saved a screen shot on my phone of it.

What was interesting about this you may ask? Do you have to ask? It includes bacon. ‘Nough said.

Now, while this was good (come on – bacon!), admittedly it was just an onion wrapped in bacon. There wasn’t much to it other than that. There were some other things I could have done to it (referenced below in the recipe) but they were all spicy which never seems to go over well with the majority of the people. Or at least the immediate family. So I just wrapped some onions in bacon.

This is a recipe that is easily adjustable based on how much you want. Since it is primarily just onions and bacon, if you want more, make more. I did find however that I didn’t need as many onions as they called for. I bought 3 large sweet onions and only used one. Granted I probably used more of the onion that they were suggesting but it seemed wasteful to not use more of it. Even though I would have found a use for the remaining onion pieces.

That one onion used the whole pack of bacon (thin cut), taking about two slices per ring. There were times where I cut a piece in half instead of doubling it up. I figured that it would cook better if it wasn’t doubled up.

As for the cooking, although this was from a grilling website, it also gave instructions for the oven which I chose to use as the grill would be used for other stuff. I started them out at 250 degrees. After 30 minutes I increased it to 300 degrees for the next 60 minutes. Then I did what I always seem to do when cooking bacon wrapped around something, I turned the broiler on (this time on low) and let each side go for about 5 minutes to crisp up the bacon.

It didn’t say to do it (or not do it) but I had put these on a rack, on top of a foil lined, rimmed pan. That worked well but, as I just mentioned about using the broiler, it worked like all the other times I use a rack and a pan…..the underside seems to not cook as well.

But anyways, they were a hit. I could have, maybe should have, made more. In the end there really were not that many although it had filled the pan. Maybe next time.

As mentioned above, the quantities are all dependent on how much you want to make. What I list below is what they had for the recipe. It includes a dipping sauce which I didn’t make.

1 pack of bacon (not thick cut)
4-5 sweet onions (the bigger the onions, the less onions you will need)
2 TBSP black pepper (or just shake a bunch from a shaker)
1/2 cup Siracusa hot sauce
2 TBSP mayo
1 TSP lime juice

Cut onions into 1″ thick rings. Pop out the insides until you have a nice sturdy onion ring (personal preference rules on this step). Brush onions with hot sauce. Wrap each onion with bacon. Secure bacon, as needed with toothpicks. Heavily cover with pepper and bake (or grill) for 90 minutes at 250-350 degrees.

Mix remaining hot sauce with mayo and lime juice for dipping.

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