Watermelon Cake


First off, two confessions — 1) I wish I came up with this but I didn’t, it came from this website. 2) Although it is a Betty Crocker recipe, I used a Pillsbury cake mix.

The horror.

But, to me a cake mix is a cake mix so it doesn’t really matter. It does matter however, to my wife, which is why we use Pillsbury. But I digress.

Alas, there isn’t much to say about this. I followed the directions and…..ta da! A cake that looks like a watermelon. Go me!

There really were not any changes. I wasn’t sure what drink mix they were talking about so I used a cherry Kool Aid packet. It was the same size as the recipe called for. It did give it a slight cherry flavor so if I were to do this again, I might look for a watermelon flavor packet, as long as the color was still red. That is the main idea behind it. As such, you could probably just use some red food coloring and get the same result. And, I found some round chocolate candies to use instead of the jelly beans. I wasn’t sure I’d find just green ones and the whole process was a little lost on me anyway. I’m not sure they added anything. I suppose it gives some texture to it and a makes it look like there are more than one color on the “rind” but still.

Frosting it was a little difficult. I am NOT great at frosting something and making it look good. But I was pretty proud of myself for how this turned out. I split the can of frosting in half and did the red first. I kind of made a mess of the green but was able to wipe the plate clean to make it look presentable. The only downside was that there really wasn’t enough red to put between the layers. There was plenty of green so I imagine you could get away with more red frosting than green frosting. And I didn’t use two tablespoons of chips for the topping. I maybe used a little more than a teaspoon.

It was a great hit at the party I took it to.

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