Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls


That I can recall, I’ve only made cinnamon rolls one other time, that version being a whole wheat variety. And while both those turned out well and these turned out well, I know why I don’t make them more often.

Making cinnamon rolls from scratch is very labor intensive. Or at least very time consuming.

The recipe, found here doesn’t hide the time commitment although it doesn’t really call it out either. With everything, these took me 3 1/2 hours to make. And since I did make them for breakfast, and I chose not to get up super early, we ate breakfast about 9 am. Not super late, but also not our normal time. Luckily I had chosen to make these on a non-work day otherwise I would have had to get up super early.

Anyway, time to make aside, there really were not any issues with making them (although the time really wasn’t an issue, just a recognition that it will take awhile). I did, when it came time to cut them, wind up with about only 14 instead of the 24+ it says it makes. Can’t really say why. Following the directions I’m not sure what else I could have done except to maybe have rolled the dough out to be thinner, which would have resulted in a larger rectangle. Which may have led to more rolls. But, although I only got that many, they were still a decent size so I wasn’t too concerned. It also meant it didn’t have to find more and more pans to us to bake them. But, not having tons was also good as it allowed us to not have to give a bunch away lest they go bad on us before we could eat them all. Even then we did give some away.

Speaking of rolling it out, that is where I ran into “trouble” so to speak. It did not roll out well and my rectangle was more like an oval, which created interesting end pieces when cut. And rolling it up. I didn’t roll it quite as tight or as cleanly as I had wanted to which then made cutting and transferring to the pan interesting. I did find myself re-rolling some after cutting.

For the taste, they were good. Given how much cake batter (or cake mix rather) is in them, there wasn’t really a strong cake taste. Which was good and bad. Good that it wasn’t overpowering but bad in that it could have tasted a little more like cake. The addition of sprinkles inside wasn’t really noticeable once it was eaten. Neither was the use of a funfetti cake mix (I used Pillsbury brand cake mixes). It was hard to see the little colored dots in the rolls as you would if you had just made the cake.

The only adjustment I made to this was putting a little more milk in the frosting to make it creamier/easier to pour. A total of 7 TBSP rather than the 3-6 it called for.

Overall – good but time consuming. This may not be replicated but a good experience to have.

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