Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuit Bake


After making this it occurred to me that this isn’t much different from monkey bread – aside from adding bacon. So, I suppose you could also make this just like monkey bread and add in bacon pieces.

Admittedly, I am bad at making monkey bread which is a shame since it is soooooooo good. But it always have issues with the outside edges and top getting over done while the middle edges/bottom is not done. And then there is the issue of it not coming out of the pan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flipped something over, just to have it stick and come apart in one big mess. But I digress from the recipe at hand……

Overall, it was good. (Come on, it has bacon in it…….) I did have some similar problems. I left it go a little longer than it had called for, hoping to ensure that the biscuits would be done all the way through BUT after flipping it out and eating it, I found there were some biscuits that were still not quite done. But at least it came out easily.

I did have a problem with the size of the pan. It calls for a 2 quart dish and I had to use a 2 1/2 quart dish (not having a 2 quart one) BUT all the biscuits didn’t fit nicely in the dish no had to cram them in and even cut one in half to squeeze it in to different places. Maybe I needed a large but shallow dish when I had a dish that was deeper.

Anyway, it was worth a try, people liked it and my sort of monkey bread turned out. First time for everything.

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