Bacon Blankets


Of course something labeled as the “best bacon appetizer ever”, as this recipe here states, has to be tried.

It was definitely good. Can’t say for sure that it was the “best ever”. Bacon makes everything better and it is hard to judge which one is the best.

These were very easy to put together, you simply wrap a half piece of thin sliced bacon around a cracker that has Parmesan cheese on it. That’s it. Using thin sliced bacon is important from a baking standpoint as it will cook quicker. As it points out, you do need to wrap the entire cracker. In my estimation, the cracker soaks up some of the bacon fat (bacon goodness) and leaving some exposed might cause some problems.

You do need to cook these on a rack so it stays out of the bacon grease but I found, as with anything I’ve cooked on a rack (with bacon) that ultimately at some point I had to flip it over so the bottom side could finish cooking. But it worked well. As far as the timing, it didn’t quite take the full two hours. Around the 1 1/2 mark, I decided that they were pretty much done and needed to come out before they dried out.

As for the cheese, I found that a full teaspoon was too much. I wound up pouring some in a bowl and, using a teaspoon, put about 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon on each one. The amount varied but it worked.

So try this yourself and weigh in – the best bacon appetizer ever?

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