Strawberry Mango Jello with Cream


I sometimes get ambitious with the recipes I make, either from what it is (something out if the ordinary) or how it is made (a complicated recipe). I would say, although this isn’t that complicated it falls into the latter. Well, maybe it was complicated in that I screwed it up the first time and had to start over………..

How did I screw it up? Well, the basic premise of layering jello is first, making sure that the bottom layers are solid enough to support the next layer (not mixing) and second, that whatever you are pouring in on top is cool enough to not re-liquify the bottom layer and cause problems. Seems easy enough but I wasn’t really thinking about that, I was following the recipe (which can be found here). So, the recipe states to wait 15 minutes to add the strawberries to the first layer. It then moves on to the second layer and adding it in. It doesn’t say to wait a few hours to let it set up. So…..I poured in the second layer and, as you might expect, it all mixed together.

At that point, being fairly frustrated as I was doing a lot of cooking Friday night for a party on Saturday, including Friday night dinner AND I still had to go to the store, I just dumped it all out and started over. I’m sure, hindsight being 20/20, that I could have saved it and had another jello dish and still started over but I just tossed it. Oh well.

However, in a way, it worked out okay as I had realized that the clear glass dish I was using (for presentation purposes – you have to see the effects of the layering) was way, WAY, too big for the small amount of jello I was making. Luckily when I dug around in the cupboard, I found a large box of strawberry jello which doubled the amount of strawberry. As I was already going to the store I grabbed another box of peach to double the top layer. And although I had to buy more for the middle layer again, I opted to not double that. Which was good since I would have run out of room.

So back to layering. Given that I needed to let it sit longer, I made the strawberry and let it sit while I went to the store. When I came home, I made the middle cream layer and added that (probably two hours later) and then let it sit overnight. It did say to wait 30 minutes but I wasn’t going to risk that. So, bright and early the next morning, in the midst of making breakfast, I added the last layer.

The only other downside was that the mangoes I had bought about a week prior had not ripened and I barely got any fruit to add to the top layer. But it was enough.

I got a lot of compliments on the presentation, partly due to the fact that you may not see that much anymore. And, it was pretty tasty nit was kind of tall to try and get all the layers in one scoop but it worked out. It did “fall” part way through the party as people scooped off of the side but at that point it was no big deal.

I can’t say for sure if I would make this again specifically, but I think I’d do more with jello layers.

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