Fruit Rainbow


Taste the rainbow! A much healthier version than Skittles (although I do like Skittles).

Not much cooking here just the prep of the fruit and assembly. This was something I found on Facebook – again, not creative enough to come up with it myself. I’ve had it saved for awhile, waiting for a time that it made sense to make it. My daughter’s 6th birthday worked out great.

You can use any fruits you want, as long as in the end you can make a rainbow. I went with strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple (fresh), green grapes, blueberries and red grapes. Technically there needs to be a another fruit but I combined the ‘indigo’ and ‘violet’ into the last one (red grape). It works fine. I will say that you could probably double up on the blueberry as it almost gets lost in the mix. It is so much smaller than anything else.

Once assembled in the proper order – Roy G. Biv anyone? Simply arrange them on a platter in a rainbow shape.

They were a huge hit. I thought I had made more than enough but the kids scarfed (technical term) them quickly and we actually had to get the leftover fruit out for them to keep eating. Which was a good thing.

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