Hot Dog…….Dog Sandwiches


There is not much cooking involved with this but rather just a quick and creative spin on a traditional ‘pig in a blanket’, at least from my perspective. And for me, a traditional ‘pig in a blanket’ is a hot dog wrapped in a crescent roll.

I wish I could say that I came up with the idea but alas, no such luck. I found inspiration for it from this website/blog post. But I did make a few tweaks as I had read some of the comments posted there.

Mainly, instead of trying to make my own bread I used a can of biscuits. I simply made a few cuts to form the ears and tried to pull them out a bit to define the shape. I used raisins for the eyes and nose as that seemed to be the easiest.

I tried making these two different ways. In the picture, the ones on the top I cut a slit in the biscuit for the mouth and put the hot dog in pre-baking. (Much like a regular pig in a blanket). The ones on the bottom I let bake and then cut a slit to insert a cooked hot dog. I would say the top ones won out. While there isn’t much to wrap around the hot dog I think the end result looked better. Plus, it is done. It was a little difficult to separate the biscuit and add a (hot) hot dog without making a mess.

Cute idea, the girls thought it was fun. I had thought about adding a piece of cooked bacon as a tongue hanging out but didn’t have the time to get the bacon ready, etc.

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