Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese


As I started to get ready to make this I had the feeling that I hadnot have made something like this before. After all the mac and cheeses that I have made, surely I had one with bacon. And, sure enough, I had made one before. But in reading that one again, I found that all I really did was add some bacon to an existing recipe. It wasn’t truly a bacon mac and cheese. Or at least that’s what I was telling myself.

So making this one, a recipe from Miracle Whip, didn’t seem like I was duplicating efforts or anything. But, I can see how you could just as easily leave the bacon out of this one so, maybe there isn’t a “true” bacon mac and cheese.

A couple of notes on this one. It was very good. The main flavor is, obviously, the bacon but the mayo mixed in with everything – which helps with the creaminess – adds some flavor as well. And for all those worried about using it, it’s only a half cup. Not that much.

The one thing that I was disappointed in though was that my onions were still a little crunchy. I know that is not the fault of the recipe, but I had even let them sauté longer than the recipe called for and, as usually, had tried to dice them pretty small. That was more to “hide” them in the dish so as to not get any complaints about the onions from the kids. One of them did ask me what was crunchy and I just passed it off as the bacon.

Speaking of the onions, I do find it interesting that pretty much all the recipes I’ve made call for onions. I know it adds some flavor and maybe helps when making the sauce (letting the flour stick to something) but onions aren’t something you normally think of when you think mac and cheese. At least I don’t.

And a quick note on the bacon, I used 10 slices of a maple bacon that I grabbed at the store. Other than being maple flavored there wasn’t anything special about it. It was just what I grabbed. And, it was 10 slices as that is what fit evenly on the sheet that went in the oven.

Oh and it was very easy to put together. Although you are doing three things at once – cooking bacon, cooking noodles and making the sauce – it wasn’t too hard. And, since you just combine everything at the end (no need to bake it) it doesn’t really matter if one thing gets done first.

For portion sizes, I did make the entire recipe. While it was a lot overall, after dinner and portioning it out into smaller containers to take for lunches, it didn’t seem like there was a lot leftover. So it worked out.

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