Sausage and Egg Biscuit Bake


Here is one more dish that I made before vacation so bear with as I try to remember everything about this one. Not sure how much there is to say about it.

This is yet another recipe I found online, clicking through things until I landed on the Pillsbury site and this recipe. It was interesting enough to save but I did have some reservations, namely adding the cooked biscuits back in and re-baking. It seemed like it could just be another one where you put the biscuits on top but no, you bake the biscuits and then add them back in, after mixing it with the egg and milk mixture. To be honest, the main concern was that it would result in “soggy” bread which wouldn’t go over well with the family.

But, it turned out pretty well. The only adjustments were that I used an orange pepper as the store was, somehow, out of red peppers at the time and I only used one egg as that is all I had. Yes, I could have bought more eggs but I was working on cleaning out the fridge before vacation. I wasn’t sure how only one egg would turn out but it was fine.

I made this as a dinner but it could be either that or breakfast. If doing it for breakfast, it would just take some extra time in the morning.

Overall, not bad.

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