Sausage and Apple Bake


I’ve had a few recipes recently that have come from Pillsbury, including this one. I blame the fact that they have recipes listed on the side and, of course, that means I have to check them out. And, of course, that means I probably will wind up with a few that I then save. This is actually the second apple and sausage one I saved but the first one I made. Frankly, this one was the easier of the two.

I also seem to be finding a lot of recipes lately that are breakfast-like as they include eggs and milk and are baked. But I’m using them for dinner since, well, I feel like it. This one would be good for either dinner or breakfast. I will say that the prep is not long, but long enough that it makes me leery of trying to pull it together in the morning. BUT, as my wife pointed out, there are some prep related things that could be done the night before that would make it easier. So, there is that.

I did choose to cut this recipe in half, using an 8×8 square pan (I know, not exactly half the size of the 9×13 but it worked). I choose to do that as we are going on vacation soon and I was trying to limit the amount of leftovers we have. So imagine the recipe linked above halved.

I used one can of crescent rolls, putting three on the bottom and saving the other three for the top. The bottom worked well as you could push it around and make it fit nicely. For the top, well, I recommend putting the remaining dough back in the fridge to stay cool. Since it had warmed up it wasn’t very easy to try and press together the remaining three into some kind of top to flip on to the pan. And when I picked each of the pieces up, it stre-e-e-etched out. Which in a way was actually helpful as it gave me more to work with. And, while I didn’t press it up the sides enough to have it enclose the edges, it worked pretty well.

For changes, there were only two. I used about 3/4 to 1 TSP of dried orange peel. I went back and forth on how much to use since you are supposed to use less dried than fresh (I always try to halve it) and I was also halving the amount to begin with. But, my end result seemed to be really small (and yes, I was having trouble with the math) so went with about a teaspoon.

Also, I learned (after asking someone) that fontinella cheese is NOT the same as fontina cheese. But, I found the fontinella at the store and bought it. Which means I asked someone after buying it but that’s besides the point. The cheese itself was pretty good, tasting a piece as it was shredding it. I think it worked well in the dish.

Overall, I’d give it a strong 6 or 7 on the scale.

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