Huevos Rancheros Casserole


I’ll apologize from the start that I didn’t get a great picture of this but it didn’t bake up as nicely as I had thought it might and, it didn’t come out of the pan as cleanly as I had thought it might. As such, I didn’t have a nice piece to photograph like I normally would.

That being said, the recipe from Pillsbury calls for a half pound of smoked, cooked chorizo and I didn’t use that. If you look at the picture in the recipe, there are nice solid chunks of meat. What I found at the store was “regular” chorizo (I guess you could call it that) which needed to be cooked, drained, etc. And if you’ve ever used chorizo like that, you would know that it is REALLY greasy. After cooking I drained it on paper towels and even pressed more paper towels on top of it to get rid of the grease. But I still think that there was more grease which led to it not quite sticking together/baking up like I had hoped.

Never mind that I used a round 2 1/2 quart dish instead of a square 2 quart dish. Well, I really don’t think that using a different dish made an impact but I do think I need a 2 quart (and a 3 quart) dish. Having two of a 1 1/2 quart and two of a 2 1/2 quart dish (one round, one oval) leads to some problems sometimes.

But I digress.

Overall, this dish wasn’t too bad. I had been concerned that it would be to spicy for the rest but it wasn’t (but I’m still the only one eating it). So that was a positive. I did use just one kind of cheese, a mild cheddar as that is all I had in the fridge. I thought I had bought a block of Colby or Monterey Jack but I guess not.

A nice dish to try. Not bad tasting. The second morning I added some salsa and sour cream. Didn’t need it, or make it better/worse. Just added it for kicks. If you are going to try this, I would definitely recommend using the exact sausage they call for. I think my bulk chorizo, which came in two 6 oz tubes, didn’t work. In fact, I probably should have put the whole 12 oz in (seemed light on meat now that I think about it) but that may have caused more issues with the grease.

Worth a try in my book but wasn’t the greatest and may not make again.

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