Glazed Pork Ribs with Shichimi Togarashi


This recipe may take the prize for the longest I’ve had something sit around without making it. So long in fact, that I can’t even begin to remember when I first found it. For all I know it was the same day it was posted on the internet (September 2012). It started as something that I printed out which then changed to keeping the tab open on my iPad when I realized that the printout had cut off some of the words on the sides. Hard to make a recipe when you are missing some of the directions.

I can’t really say why I never made it. I just didn’t. Well, that’s not entirely true. First problem was the spice – Shichimi Togarashi. That’s not something I could easily find in the local grocery store. I eventually ordered it from Amazon, buying what turned out to be way, WAY more than what I needed. But even with the spice on hand, I still didn’t make it. Part of the issue is the fact that it called for 2 racks of ribs. And while there is nothing wrong with that, it leaves a lot of leftovers that takes awhile to eat. We could have invited people over and made them, sure, but we didn’t. There was a bit of a time factor – it does take time to make ribs right. And there isn’t always that kind of time.

In the end it is just a bunch of pithy excuses. So last weekend I made the commitment that I was doing it for dinner on Sunday. I pulled out the one rack of ribs we had in the freezer (see???? Even that wasn’t an excuse) and set out to make them for dinner.

I basically followed the directions as posted, which you can find here. I did only use one rack of ribs but still used the same amount of lemon and garlic. For the rosemary, I did use between 1-2 TSP of dried. I was reluctant to buy fresh and then figure out how to use up the rest. I’ve done that before and you can find some blog posts on some rosemary dishes.

I did like the use of the parchment paper inside of the foil. That worked well for the purpose it served, which was keeping the acid from the lemon from interacting with the foil. Although the juices were from just one rack of ribs I did add the same amount if lemon juice, guess-timated on some more dried rosemary and scraped the sliced garlic off into the pot. Which means I didn’t add any extra garlic. Also the same amount of water and cornstarch. The end result was good; a nice thick glaze to put on. Although after it was on it didn’t “feel” like it was glazed but it was still good.

From the standpoint of broiling them, that was needed as there wasn’t much color in them (or any kind of crust). Since it called for 10 minutes I turned it on low. Not taking any chances of burning it at the last minute. After awhile though, I kicked it up to high and just watched it carefully.

Back to the spice – being a red pepper blend it was – yep you guessed it – a little spicy, which doesn’t work for the majority of the family so I only sprinkled it on the ones I took.

Overall, it was a good rack of ribs. The lemon and rosemary gave it a unique flavor and the spice, while spicy, wasn’t so overpowering that you couldn’t eat it (although I went lite on it to avoid that). In some ways though, the spice is what makes it as there isn’t a big burst of flavor with the ribs without it but the ribs are good by themselves.

I can see using the spice on other things (which will be needed to use it up) but I can’t see buying more of it.

And now, with some joy and reluctance, I can close that tab and leave this recipe behind.

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