Chicken Enchilada Quiche


I think at some point in these blogs I have mentioned that I’m partial to Mexican food so when I found this recipe (another one of those that I clicked my way to online, not knowing how I got there but kind of happy I did) I had to try it at some point. So I gave it a whirl one night for dinner and, I must say, it turned out really good.

It was really easy to put together and baked up nicely, within the stated time. I was hesitant to use the green chilies as I have to watch the spicy-ness of dishes but as I went with the can of chopped green chilies (which looks like more of a purée than chopped) I figured they would mix in pretty well and even themselves out. I did use all of the same kind of cheese, a mild cheddar as I had a block of it to shred.

Speaking of that, quick editorial note, I’m trying to use more blocks of cheese and shred it myself than the pre-shredded stuff which is coated with who knows what to keep it from sticking.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture, I did mimic the recipe picture and add some sour cream and salsa as a garnish. I don’t want to say that it “needed” it as it really didn’t but it did add to it. Much like adding that stuff to tacos, etc. It just makes it better.

Something to keep in the rotation.

Chicken Enchilada Quiche

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