Bacon Stout Chocolate Cheesecake


The whole purpose of my making the beer candied bacon was to then make this cheesecake. So I did.

Sadly, this did not turn out as great as it could have. Or maybe, as I thought it would be. I say that as there really wasn’t anything that went “wrong” where I can say “yep, right there is step x is where it didn’t go as planned”. It just wasn’t that good.

And the biggest thing was, that my wife pointed out is that the cheesecake was “chewy”. You don’t think of cheesecake as a dish that is “chewy”. But, with the addition of the bacon, both on the top and in the cheesecake itself, you wind up with something that is chewy.

I did have a few small tweaks. Although not really a tweak, my beer of choice for this was Guiness since I used part of it for the bacon and figured I should keep the theme going. I also wound up with about 5.5 ounces of chocolate instead of 7 and it was a dark/milk chocolate blend. Silly me for thinking I had what I needed. And then there was the espresso powder. Here I had one of the biggest brain lapses of all time. Couldn’t find espresso powder at the store. Suddenly I thought, “well, you can buy espresso beans so I’ll just get some of that”. Long story short, next thing I know I’m dumping a TBSP of espresso grounds in the bowl. And by the time I realized what I had done – way to late. And I couldn’t (refused) to them it out and start over so…off we went. Now I’m looking at my batter that is speckled with little pieces of coffee grounds……sigh

Moving forward, it baked pretty well, no issues there. I did choose to go with making the whip cream. I was going to leave it out but it didn’t look right without it. And I am SUPER proud of myself for being able to decorate it and look pretty decent. (Since, well, I tend to suck at that.)

Overall, it really was bad, it just wasn’t that good. We are eating it, the kids are okay with it but it’s not something to put on the list for the future.

Oh, and it turned out okay with the coffee grounds. Couldn’t taste it, no idea that they were there unless you knew ahead of time. Whew.

Bacon Stout Chocolate Cheesecake

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