Basil Breakfast Strata


I have a problem. I keep finding more and more (and more and more and more) recipes that I want to try or sound good or whatever. Especially when I get into a “binge session” where I’m online or readying a magazine and suddenly I have 6-8 more recipes that I want to try. I just don’t have the time to make everything. Especially when there are leftovers from pretty much anything I make.

So what does that have to do with this recipe? This was another one that was found in a binge session. Not that I didn’t want to make it (after all I don’t have to make anything. But it was one more open website on my phone/tablet and one more thing to figure out when to make. Especially when 90% of the time breakfast is simply pancakes and bacon (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong). It’s just that it means there is less room for “other” breakfast creations.

So I made this on a random Tuesday. It worked although you have to plan the timing right when you are also coordinating getting ready to leave the house, etc.

Now to the actual recipe……it was good but didn’t “wow” me. The basil pesto did add a nice compliment to the dins, which is kind of just your standard egg breakfast casserole. It came together nicely although I may have had too many bread cubes. I should have probably arranged it so that there was only one layer on the bottom instead of leaving some piled up. I think that may have affected how the egg mixture was soaked up. Not in a bad way but just some extra bread that didn’t fit nicely in the pan. But, I wound up using both small french bread baguettes I had bought to make the full 8 cups, which was a surprise. I had bought one for another use and hadn’t used it yet (turned out to be a good thing).

So not a bad recipe, another one I can check mark off the list of having said “yeah, I made that” but nothing special.

Basil Breakfast Strata

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