Cocktail Meatballs Sauce


I am writing about this for the sauce, rather than the meatball itself. For the party last weekend my wife had bought some frozen meatballs and we were looking for a sauce to go with them (low effort, which is nice sometimes). What I threw together for the sauce was based on this recipe.

It calls for a pound of meat, turned into meatballs and we had three pounds of meatballs so I went to triple this recipe. What I wound up dong was slightly more than that, based on what I found for the cranberry jelly. All I could find were 14 oz cans and instead of trying to save some from a second can (only to probably be thrown away at some point) I used the two full cans. So I used both of the bottles of chili sauce which was slightly more than the 2 1/4 cups needed. And I upped the rest of the ingredients as well a little bit to even it out. And then poured a little bit more than 3 pounds of meatballs in the crockpot to make up for the extra sauce. I didn’t have to do that but it felt like the right thing to do.

Turned out well. The meatballs were good,considering they were just frozen ones, and the sauce was good as well.

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