Crispy Maple Oatmeal Cookies


Having made some lemon rosemary shortbread cookies recently and not really liking them, I felt like I should make another cookie to make up for it. This one sounded interesting, mostly because it was labeled “cookies you can eat for breakfast”. After reading the recipe and making them I suppose you could argue that it has oatmeal and syrup so it qualifies but I’m not sold on it. Maybe if you called it a “pastry” it would be different.

These are definitely good cookies. Definitely chewy and they do have a maple flavor despite the small amount of maple syrup. And yes, I did use real maple syrup. In fact, I had to go buy more as I had used it up the other small bottle with some other recipes. I think the cookies turned out well although I did continue to have some of the same problems that I do with just about any cookie I make. But, it didn’t seem as bad with these. Or at least it didn’t show.

I may have made them too big as it said “drop rounded teaspoons” on the pan and I used a cookie scoop (not sure on the size but they seemed bigger then a teaspoon). While they may have been bigger, they did, for the most part, result in a nice rounded ball of dough which flattened into a nice round cookie. Points there for presentation. But, maybe due to a larger size, they took longer to cook.

The recipe said about 11 minutes, rotating the pans about halfway through. With the first batch I did that but it needed more time. So I left them in another two minutes. Then another two. Then I thought maybe a little more so I waited a bit (no timer) until I took them out. It was roughly 16-18 minutes. So the next two pans went in and I started the first timer at 9 minutes. The second timer was 7 minutes. This time I took them out right then and they seemed pretty good. The last pan was a single pan so I stuck it on the top rack for 16 minutes. Didn’t work so well. They didn’t burn, but they were the most done of all three rounds.

And they did flatten out to be pretty thin. That is my biggest problem, with any cookie it seems. That it flattens out into nothing. But the bonus here, as I mentioned before, was that although it did flatten out, it wasn’t really that noticeable. At least not compared to some of the chocolate chip ones I’ve made.

All in all, a good cookie.

Crispy Maple Oatmeal Cookies

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