Red Wine Sangria


As I may have posted before, I usually keep this blog to food, rather than drinks but every once and awhile, something comes along that I decide I want to post. I suppose this is one of them.

I put this together for the same party that I made the wine and margarita gummies for. Not being a red wine fan, I wasn’t quite sure where to start or what to do exactly. I did know enough that it was red wine (typically) with fruit and other stuff. So, Google to the rescue. A quick search and after reading a few recipes off to my wife for her opinion (after all, I wasn’t drinking it) we settled on this one to make. And I should probably say “use that one as a starting point” as I made a few tweaks.

Wanting to make the whole recipe (both bottles), but not having a container large enough to hold everything, I split the recipe in half. I substituted the pomegranate juice for a wild berry pomegranate blend* and used pure maple syrup in place of the simple syrup. And no pomegranate seeds.

Here is how I went about it for half the recipe (one bottle of wine). So I poured the wine and other alcohol and juice into a container. Added the maple syrup. Cut one large orange into fourths, squeezed the juice out into the container and threw the rinds in. Cut one apple into eights and tossed it in. Put in 6 oz blackberries. Stirred it up and pushed around the fruit a bit. It went in the fridge to hang out. This was done on a Thursday night for a Saturday night party.

Saturday morning we both tried it (remember, neither of us really like red wine). I didn’t think it was too bad, but it wasn’t something that I’d sit around drinking. Maybe one glass. My wife didn’t really like it and cut it with some orange juice. At the party they added some more orange juice and some ginger ale. Ginger ale had been a part of several recipes that I had looked at so maybe that is an extra, needed ingredient.

I did get a recipe from my parents that they used to make (from an old friend of theirs) so I’ll need to try that at some point.

*a blend of eight juices — grape, apple, pomegranate, cranberry, blueberry, lemon, blackberry, elderberry. And marionberry flavoring.

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