Wine Gummies


Somewhere along the way I came across this blog and this post. I’m not a big wine guy but the thought of creating little wine gummies, or ‘jello jigglers’, was interesting enough for me to save the recipe for some time later. Later when it made sense to make them as I couldn’t see this as a random Tuesday dish and an ongoing snack.

So when my sister in law’s bridal shower was coming up, and my wife and I were discussing what food needed to be made, I thought it would be a good time to make these. And then I could also stop saving the recipe.

I decided, as the post suggests, to try both a red (Pinot Noir) and a whit (dry Riesling). I also decided to double each recipe as only one cup of wine seemed to not be very much. Especially when they were suggesting pouring it into a 9×13 pan. Seemed like it would be pretty thin. I needed some substance to these.

I did choose to use a thermometer to gauge the temp of the wine as it was heating up. I let it get to about 100-110 degrees then turned the heat down a bit and took the thermometer out. Making these is actually quite simple. All you do is heat the wine up, stir in the gelatin and add a little sweetener. Speaking of the sweetener, I did think adding maple syrup was odd (and yes, I did use real maple syrup) but in the end, I couldn’t taste it. That was my concern but I think I will agree with the original post, that a little helps but you’d need a lot to really sweeten it up, at least for the red wine ones.

Speaking of taste, they did taste like their respective wines. Which makes sense as that’s all that’s there. Since I’m not really a fan of red wine, those didn’t taste good to me. The Riesling was better but I will say it was odd chewing my wine.

Two notes on the actual construction – I used a silicone whisk to mix it together. The problem there was occasionally it would stick on the bottom, creating a situation that the. Would splatter some of the mixture when it unstuck. More annoying than anything else. Once both were made, I did scoop off a little of the froth and did dig out a few small chunks of gelatin that hadn’t dissolved. Unless you are going for looks, I think a little froth is fine. As you can see in the picture, at least with the red, there was some left.

I poured the red into a pan that was about 7×10 and the white into one that was slightly smaller. I think that worked well for creating some thicker gummies. Both sat for about 2 hours in the fridge before I did my best at cutting them into small squares.

Wine Gummies

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