Margarita Gummies


Going right along with my last post, I had to try this one which was linked from original post as well. And to be honest, I was much more interested in this one than the wine one.

I decided, as I had made the wine ones the previous night, that I needed to make these as well roping hot away instead of waiting. Good decision on my part, these are better.

Again, a fairly simple construction – mix everything together, heat up, add gelatin. Let set up in pan. I again used a thermometer, letting it heat up to about 100-110 degrees. I chose a wire whisk which worked out MUCH better. No random sticking on the bottom. And while there was some froth, there didn’t seem to be any extra chunks that hadn’t dissolved but there was more liquid in this to dissolve in.

I again doubled the recipe. What was there did seem kind of small. That led to a slight problem as it turned out that I didn’t have enough tequila to double it. So I used some “gold” rum figuring that was close enough.

I did turn out well although it is VERY strong. But, as with the other ones, it is pretty much all alcohol so you kind of have to expect that. I did pour these in a 9×13 pan as there was more of it. Worked well.

I don’t know that I would try the wine ones again but I’d probably try these again.

Margarita Gummies

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