Breakfast Sausage Casserole


Having planned to do a breakfast casserole for Sunday’s breakfast, and forgetting our usual recipe at home, we had to find a new one. After much (way to much) searching, we settled on this one. Nothing fancy about it, but it just seemed like the closest one to what we were planning on making.

It did seem to have very few eggs (only 5), especially for the size of the pan and the fact we were feeding 7 people. I always try to assume one egg per person. But I made it with 5 not wanting to mess with the integrity of the overall structure of the dish. Too many eggs might cause it to need to bake longer and not turning out well from another aspect. I did tweak it a little, leaving out the dry mustard and substituting about one TSP of chopped fresh rosemary. This was based on the fact that I had a bunch left over from the previous night, wanted to use it up and wasn’t sure if my grandma would have any dry mustard. Or if she did, how old was it really going to be?

The sausage was marked as ‘seasoned’ but I didn’t read too closely for what it actually was seasoned with. For the bread, I bought a smaller loaf of white bread that was made by the bakery of the grocery store. It was marked down as being “old”. That may or may not have had an effect of the final product. All I can say was it certainly was not a mass produced loaf of white bread. And I used half, eyeballing the number of slices.

I think it turned out well. There was no “wow” factor but it served its purpose. And, the number of eggs worked out just fine.

Breakfast Sausage Casserole

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