Italian Beef, Take 2


While I didn’t do much of anything different this go around, I feel like I should post an update. It is the same recipe as last time and what I’ve been making for years. I did use up all the onion salt I had and, needing more, I used onion powder to make up the difference. Since it already had a bunch of salt, I felt like that was an ok switch.

This time we had an open house for my in-laws and I was making this as the main dish. Not know how many people were coming, I rooted around in the freezer, pulling out all the roasts I could find from the last cow we bought. In the end I wound up with about 30 lbs of roasts. All chuck roasts, save for one arm roast. Well, technically it was 28.75 lbs, bones and all, but I just rounded up. Made the math easier for increasing the rest of it. And I decided rounding up was better than rounding down.

Giving that I had 6x the recipe to make I mixed all of the spices with 4x the water in the roaster before adding the meat. Once the meat was added, and it took some creativity to get it all in the roaster, I added the remaining water. I had been concerned over how full the roaster was going to be and didn’t want it to spill over. But, it all fit.

I left it cook for 15 hours at 300 degrees. I only opened it and stirred/moved things around twice. After that I began taking the meat out, removing the bones and any large pieces of fat, and shredding it. Side note – bones and fat add flavor, so I opted to leave those in and remove them later.

That took about an hour to get it all cleaned up. I then removed a good portion of the liquid that was left. I added the meat back into the roaster and added some liquid back in to reach a good consistency. I did wind up throwing away a bunch of the liquid. It sat in the roaster again, at 300 degrees, for a few more hours. At that point I added two jars of whole pepperoncinis liquid and all. I would have added it sooner but I had to go to the store to get them. And, I would have used sliced but the store was out of them.

Again, it sat for another few hours before being transported to my in-laws and turned on once again. All told, it was probably on for close to 24 hours. We had about 70 people there and there was more than enough Italian beef. I can’t say for sure how much was left but it was enough to turn around and feed another 10 or so people later in the week AND still have leftovers.

And it turned out great. Everyone that tried it loved it. And I think I might be able to gauge future quantities based on how many people will be there.

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