Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter


I think I’m making up for not having cooked/posted that much in the last few weeks. Yesterday I made three things that have been on the list for awhile and have the stuff for the fourth for tomorrow.

This was something that caught my eye as something that would be cool to try. Not necessarily to make it in place of buying it (haven’t actually figured out the potential cost savings, if there are any or health benefits) but simply interesting to try.

I used the information from this blog post to make it. It does a good job of describing what will happen and how to do it. It’s a little heavy on the pictures though, for my taste. And it’s not that I didn’t believe the post but it was neat to see it go through the steps in the food processor as it is described. Although I did have to stop it partway through and knock the sides down. After that, no problems.

Basically, all you do is pour a container of peanuts into the food processor, turn it on and let it run until it is nice and creamy. I had it running for about 7 minutes or so before adding the chocolate and it probably run for a few more minutes after that. The chocolate was mini semi-sweet pieces, a whole 12 oz bag, added in three different portions.

It tastes great. I put some in the jar as pictured and what didn’t fit went into just another container. Both sat out overnight and are fine. It is a bit more liquid-y that regular peanut butter but it is not separating like “natural” peanut butter tends to do. It was great with an apple this morning.

The only downside is that the post recommends not using it for cooking. Not sure why but small sacrifice I guess. I’ll have to do more research on whether or not it’s worth making in place of buying it. It certainly isn’t hard to do.

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