Red Velvet Puppy Chow


Back around Valentine’s Day I found this website that had about 27 different recipes that included red velvet in some way. The idea being, I guess, that they were all good to make around Valentine’s Day. So I went through it and pulled a few out that looked interesting. Some didn’t sound good, some seemed like too much work and some just seemed like a stretch.

But the puppy chow one seemed like a good one to try. We don’t have puppy chow that often in our house, and, when we do my wife has usually made it. Now I got a try at it. And, it was a good thing to make and let my kids help out.

Overall the process was fairly simple. I did use a paper bag to shake it up rather than a plastic bag. And the kids had fun helping to measure and then shaking it.

For the taste, it was ok. Not as much of a red velvet taste as I had hoped and the white chocolate taste was the most prominent one. I can see the reason for using while chocolate — wanting a lighter color so the cake mix sticks and it stays red. Mine, however, as you can see isn’t that red. That is probably due to the fact that I added the “optional” powdered sugar. I could have just used the cake mix (as the recipe said) but it felt wrong to do that. I don’t know, just something about coating with pure cake mix. Maybe cutting the powdered sugar in half would help that. There was plenty leftover coating in the bag so you could use less.

Oh, and it seemed like a very small amount that this actually made. When I first read it I thought that it would make a lot but 5 cups wasn’t as much as I thought. But, that is probably okay as we don’t need tons of this stuff sitting around for use to eat.

But I do have more cereal in the box. I wonder what else I could make…….

Red Velvet Puppy Chow

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