Hand-Formed Parmesan Tater Tots


These were good, but sadly they fall into the category of something that is not worth the effort it takes to make them. Roasting potatoes, cooling, shredding, mixing, more baking…….can’t I just open a bag???

Yes, I can just open a bag but then we get into the discussion of what’s more healthy, something you make from scratch or processed and the time factor and well, lots of things to think about.

I didn’t set out to make these AS a substitute, I just found the recipe and decided it was something worth trying. But I did attempt to make them for dinner as a side. I say “attempt” as they took a little longer than anticipated so it became a delayed dinner (for me anyways) rather than part of the overall meal.

Although they flattened during the cooking process into more of a disk shape than a true cylinder, I would call these a success. Taste was good, either by themselves or with ketchup or ranch dressing.

Speaking of ketchup, anyone else find it interesting that we use ketchup with potatoes like fries or tater tots but not with mashed? Anyway…..

I did use grated Parmesan cheese (you know, the stuff in the can) rather than something that was more shredded and/or fresher. I think it worked fine. I also didn’t use roasted garlic, I just used a micro plane grater to grate them regular cloves. That wasn’t necessarily on purpose, I had bought extra garlic so I could roast some as I knew at least one recipe I had called for it but then when I looked through my recipes, I couldn’t find where it was needed. So I didn’t roast any. Then I get to this recipe and BAM I need roasted garlic. Such is life.

The only thing this recipe doesn’t tell you is how long it might take to roast the potatoes the first time. It just says “until fork tender”. I took my potatoes, cut them in half, rubbed a little oil on them and put them in the oven. I started with the cut side up and 15 minutes in I turned them to be cut side down. It took about 30 minutes until they were done.

I then just rinsed them in a colander rather than pots of water (I felt like I was using less water). Then I did shred them. It said that you could peel or not but I found, starting with the cut side that the once you got to the peel, you had effectively peeled the potato while shredding it. So no peels for me.

As I said, they flattened a bit in the oven which led to a few being a bit more crispy but it still worked. No where near the picture in the recipe linked below however. But I can say I made my own tots. For whatever that’s worth. Cue Napoleon Dynamite.

Hand Formed Parmesan Tater Tots

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