Korean Style Chicken Wings


I am a big fan of chicken wings. Yet, I rarely make them at home. Part of that I think is due to the fact that I prefer fried wings (at least those are the ones I get when I’m out) and I’ve not invested in a deep fryer. The other part is time. A lot of the wing recipes I’ve found over time just seem to take a lot of time. It is much easier to call for takeout of wings if I’m at home and want some. Or I just go out.

What caught my eye on this one was the use of the word “genius” in the title of the recipe. Therefore I had to read it to see what they were talking about. And, we were having a party last Saturday night which I used as an excuse to try them even though I might normally have not. (I don’t feel that wings really can be “saved” and reheated as leftovers. But I digress.)

I liked the concept of the brining and then letting them dry out to produce a crisper skin when baked. That is an issue with me, and I think why I like the fried wings – the crust on them when you bite into them. However, it didn’t work so well with me. And that’s on me. I was reading the recipe and decided that I didn’t need to let them sit over night in the fridge to dry out as I would have about 9 hours to let them sit if I put them together in the morning. Well, it wasn’t long enough. I could tell that the skin was still wet (and too wet I assumed) when I went to put them in the oven. And I was right. The skin never crisped up – at all.

After that experience, it’s hard to agree with the “genius” term since it didn’t work out but that was also partly on me.

But I think they turned out ok. Everyone thought so at least. And that is what is important.

The only other change was that I doubled the amount of dipping sauce and I used it to coat the wings before serving rather than as an actual dipping sauce. I thought it would be easier since we were having a party and it is more true to the way I get wings when I order them in a restaurant. Other than blue cheese or ranch, I’ve never had wings that were not sauce coated. Maybe I’m not going to the right places but whatever.

I think I could have probably made it without doubling the amount of sauce as I had a lot left over. It isn’t a very think sauce so while it did coat the wings, it didn’t really stick to them. But it was enough to give them a flavor. I also made the sauce in the morning which allowed the flavors to really meld during the day. That worked out well also in the fact that I wasn’t rushing to make that along with everything else in the afternoon.

The only change I made to that part of the recipe was to use ground ginger rather than fresh. And I skipped the red pepper flakes. See previous posts about “spiciness”. Oh and it worked really well to use a micro plane grater to grate the garlic.

Korean Style Chicken Wings

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