Bacon Explosion


This. Was. Awesome.

You have to try this. If you love bacon and sausage it is a dish for you. The bacon was good – both kinds, the sausage was good, it was all good. Something you could just eat and eat.

Full disclosure – this wasn’t the first time I had made this, so I kind of knew that it would be awesome. BUT this was much better than the first time I made it. At least from what I remember.

I’m not sure of the exact recipe I used the first time I made it – it was several years ago but the concept is the same. Bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon. This one seemed a little different, mainly from the use of a dry rub.

The first time I made this it was summer so I did make it on the grill as the recipe states. I don’t think I did I smoked it, just indirect heat for as long as it took to cook it. The other part that I did then, but not this time, was that the recipe calls for putting some BBQ sauce on the outside of the roll as it is finishing cooking. It is supposed to give extra flavor or something. But, it didn’t work out very well. I remember that it formed a crust and even burnt a little bit which took away from the overall goodness of the dish. It still had good flavor but I felt it ruined the outside layer of bacon.

This time it was February and cold out so I wasn’t going to be using the grill. First, it would have required shoveling the deck and second, it would have taken a lot to keep the temp steady.

Since I wasn’t using the grill I used the oven. I set it at 225 degrees and let it go. But I did try to mimic it being on the grill. Sort of. I set a rack inside of a foil lined pan to keep it up out of the juices. It wouldn’t have been sitting in juices on the grill.

In order to keep from having to check it, or having to worry about it later, I simply stuck my meat thermometer in the middle – which is digital and wireless (well except for the wire coming out of the oven to the base) – and sat and waited. Well, I went and did other things but I had no timeframe that it had to be done in so it just cooked until it was done. It took about three hours. I didn’t measure how big it was to see how long it might cook (the recipe linked gives a recommendation on how long based on thickness). It was longer than I expected but since it was just me at home, and I wasn’t in a hurry, it didn’t matter.

A few notes –

I used all but one piece of the package of bacon to make the weave. It said 5″ x 5″ but I made it bigger. 5″ isn’t really all that big if you sit and measure it.

I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ sauce and Rudy’s Rub for the dry rub. The rub gave it a bit of a kick. Can’t say how much sauce I used. Just eyeballed what I thought was good.

As I’ve posted before about cooking bacon up out of the juices, the bacon on the bottom still wasn’t cooked (the same as the top was) even after 3 hours. It still seemed a bit on the raw side (in appearance anyway) but it was edible.

A full pound of bacon seems like a lot to spread over the sausage but once you start you realize it is not that much.

I sprayed the rack with nonstick spray which really helped in the clean up.

All in all, this is excellent. I find it hard to not just sit and eat and eat and eat it. And you can eat it several different ways. Sometimes I just warm it up and eat it with a fork, other times I put a slice in a bun with some extra BBQ sauce. Lots of choices.

Bacon Explosion

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