Eggs in a Nest – Valentine’s Day Version


I wasn’t going to post about this until my wife asked me if I had/was going to. I didn’t think that, although it’s a cute idea for Valentine’s Day, it was anything special. But there was one point I thought I’d try to make.

Great idea in concept, not as great in execution.

First, the heart shaped cookie cutter was a little too big for the piece of bread causing me to have to turn the bread. Second, the cookie cutter, while heart shaped, produced less than desirable results when looking at the bread. This was magnified when the eggs went in and it was hard to tell that it was a heart shape. I need to find a cookie cutter that is a little more pronounced.

Third, I think this – eggs in a nest – is best with sunny side up eggs. But since that wasn’t really an option, I broke the yolk to make the eggs “over hard”. However, this then required flipping the bread, something I don’t really recommend. Kind of made a mess. And that was because it wasn’t cooking through and I needed to cook the top. Maybe scrambled would work……pouring a mixture in would certainly fill the hole. But you might still need to flip it.

Fourth, and this is probably just me, but the bread was really dry. Again, maybe a sunny side up egg would have fixed that.

So nice idea, needs some work on the execution but the effort was well received for it being heart shaped and Valentine’s Day.

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