French Breakfast Muffins


This was an excellent change up for breakfast. Although I made these on a Sunday morning, I found the recipe on Saturday as I was struggling with something to make that was different. About 90-95% of the time, Saturday morning breakfast is pancakes. And while there is nothing wrong with that (my pancakes are great), I just wanted something different. And not just waffles instead which is an easy change up. But, it had to be something that would get eaten and was fairly simple to put together. So I sat there Saturday morning, time slowly ticking away, searching “breakfast recipes” until I found this one. Sounded good, sounded fairly simple. The downside? At this point making it was going to push breakfast back farther than I wanted to. So I threw together some pancakes and off we went.

As a result this became breakfast the next morning. And it is one of this recipes where you *should* have everything on hand so it could be whipped up any time. So it is easy in that respect. They turned out well, and tasted good, despite my leaving out an ingredient. I’m hesitant to say it was a key ingredient but it seemed significant. It called for 6 TBSP of melted butter mixed in with the wet ingredients. Totally just didn’t do it. I can’t say why exactly, I kept reading it as part of the recipe. But I think I was in a bit of a hurry to get it ready (hard to make a fancy breakfast Sunday morning when we have to get ready for church). And, since it calls for some melted butter to dip them in before the cinnamon and sugar, I think I just kept thinking it was for that. But anyway, that turned breakfast making into a somewhat stressful event as I realized too late (they had been in the pan and in the oven for a minute or two) and figured that I had just ruined breakfast. More pancakes here we come. But they came out of the pan easy (always a concern when making muffins of any sort) and they still tasted good. The taste was a little like a cinnamon sugar doughnut. Not quite, but close. Maybe adding the butter would make it taste even more like it.

So, this is on the list to make again, the right way, to see how the melted butter changes it up. And Regarding the real topping ingredients, I upped the melted butter to three TBSP as I was worried about running out – I didn’t, two TBSP is probably fine. And you could cut the cinnamon sugar in half. I had a lot left over but not really usable for something else as some of it was clumped having gotten wet with the butter.

And I don’t know why these are called “French” breakfast muffins but just roll with it.

French Breakfast Muffins

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