“Perfect” Chocolate Chip Cookies


These were, by no means, perfect. I disagree with the post below where I found the recipe. Sometime last year, when I was making all the cookies, I think I posted about how I’ve had problems with getting cookies to bake right, name not spread all over creation. So this recipe was intriguing as it was, theoretically, fixing the problems of the other cookies.

But alas, not so much. I will say that I did adjust the recipe to leave out the walnuts. I’m sorry, but nuts don’t belong in chocolate chip cookies. And I didn’t measure out the chips but I used a whole bag (12 oz) of milk chocolate chips, a half bag of dark chocolate and a quarter bag of peanut butter and milk chocolate chips. It was about the same amount as it called for.

So I followed the recipe exactly, as far as mixing it, etc. And baking it. That’s where the real problem was. Maybe they were too big but any smaller and I think they would have burned.

So in the picture, on the left is the first batch that went in the oven. These went in for 8 minutes (it said 8-10) and they looked okay, not “done” but the recipe makes a big deal out “being brave” and taking things out before they look done. The problem was that about halfway through the second batch baking, I noticed that the first batch wasn’t done. And by not done, I mean still raw. Now, I like a soft, gooey cookie as much as the next person but this was too much. So after the second batch was done, they went back in for 3 minutes. Still didn’t really cook. So they just kind of fell apart.

Now the second batch I adjusted to 10 minutes based on the first batch not turning out. They still didn’t quite turn out. Those are on the right side of the picture. Better, but they still fell apart.

The third batch is on the pan in the picture. Those went in for 11 minutes and I let them cool completely on the pan. Still not great. The edges were getting brown but the middles were still a little too gooey. The rest of them turned out like the ones on the pan.

Once they were all cooled I stuck them all in one Tupperware container so we will have to see if they are melded into one big lump or not. I did eat some of the first batch, warmed up with ice cream. Even with a little chocolate sauce I hate to say that it wasn’t al that great. Maybe another recipe will work better. At some point.

“Perfect” Chocolate Chip Cookies

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