Caramelized Salmon with Cherry Salsa


This was mediocre. It had its positives and negatives. The positive – the salmon itself. The brown sugar/orange peel mixture that sat on the salmon all day was great. It was a meal in itself. The negative – the cherry salsa. It just wasn’t that good. I probably could have diced everything up smaller but that wouldn’t of really affected the taste. The cold of the salsa didn’t mix well with the warm of the salmon. In my opinion. And then there was the brown rice, which I added for a little extra something on the plate and since it was just brown rice it really didn’t add anything either.

But it was worth a shot. This was, yet again, a recipe that had been hanging around forever (feels like anyway) so I finally decided I’d make it. Interestingly enough this is the second salmon dish I’ve made in the last month or so. I’ve been asked twice now about making salmon as it’s not exactly my favorite food. I wouldn’t say that I’m now a “big fan” of it but rather just the fact that I found a few recipes that sounded interesting. And I happened to make them close to each other. So to answer the guy at the store who was the cashier – no, I don’t consider salmon a “treat” but no, we don’t eat it all the time either.

And one other thing (a rant of sorts) I don’t know why this is called a “salsa” anyway. It doesn’t resemble any salsa I’ve ever eaten. But, whatever.

1 1/2 pounds skin on salmon (I cut it into four pieces)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 TBSP orange peel (1/2 TBSP if dried)
1/2 TSP ground black pepper
1 ripe mango, peeled, seeded and diced
1 cup frozen cherries, thawed, drained and halved (a 12 oz bag was about a cup)
2 TBSP chopped fresh mint
2 TSP balsamic vinegar

In a bowl, stir together the brown sugar, orange peel and pepper. Place fish in a shallow pan, skin side down. Rub the mixture all over the fish. Cover and refrigerate 2-8 hours (mine was about 10 1/2 but it was out together in the morning and sat all day while at work).

When ready to cook, drain juices from the pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, in another bowl, combine the mango, cherries, mint and balsamic vinegar. Toss to coat and mix evenly.

Spoon the salsa over the salmon when serving.

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