Bacon Wrapped Cocktail Wienies with Brown Sugar


Last year I kind of went “all out” making a lot of different foods for the party we were going to. This year we were going to a different party were less people were going to be so I cut back (way back) on what/how much I made. So I settled on this, an appetizer that I used to make a lot but had fallen out of my rotation.

I’ll be honest and say that while these still tasted good, they didn’t turn out as well as I had remembered them being. But there are some things that I did differently that probably led to it. Well, definitely led to it. But first, let’s talk about what they are and how to do them.

This is something that you can make as many of or as little of depending on your needs so the quantities are adjustable. I used an entire package of regular cocktail wienies, which had 42 in it. I used 40 of them. You need a 1/4 piece of bacon for each wienie so I needed 10 slices, cut into 4 pieces. Wrap each piece of bacon around a cocktail wienie and secure with a toothpick. You may need to stretch the bacon a bit but you don’t want too much to overlap.

Now here is where I changed it up. You need to bake them (350 degrees). Originally, I’ve put them up on a wire rack (like a cooling rack you’d use for cookies) that was in a foil lined jelly roll pan. The problem with this, and something I think I’ve mentioned in other posts is that the bottom never seems to cook, no matter how long it cooks. So, you’d need to flip them partway through. Not an issue just an extra step. So, anyway, this time I figured I’d just leave them directly on the pan. After all, I bake my bacon and it sits on the pan, cooking in its own fat. Why wouldn’t this work? Well, I don’t know exactly but two things come up – first, given that each piece of bacon is small and fairly spread out, there doesn’t end up being this pool of grease around everything. There is some, but not like a whole pack of bacon on the pan. Second, I left them in a long time, probably a lot longer than I should have but I was watching the tops and trying to get the bacon just right. Well, meanwhile the bacon touching the pan got over cooked. At least over cooked to me.

So the next step is the brown sugar coating. I placed the cocktail wienies into my crockpot and poured the brown sugar over it. I didn’t measure it, just kind of dumped it out of the container. But it was probably about a cup. I stirred it up and then turned it on low. It was probably in there for at least 30 minutes. I stirred occasionally. However, the brown sugar never really “melted” like I wanted it to. I eventually decided that it was good enough and turned it warm and let it sit. After awhile, I took them out, and put them in a glass dish and stuck them in the microwave just to keep them warm. The issue, which I never remember having before was that they were continuing to cook in the crockpot. And therefore getting more and more done, past my liking.

It was a struggle for me to be happy with them and figure out what to do with them as it was a few hours prior to the party we were going to and we had about a 40 minute drive (in the cold weather). So there they sat in the microwave “keeping warm”. Eventually I moved it to the oven as it was still warm from some other things I had cooked. And then I turned the oven on to 200 degrees and let them sit like that for probably at least a half hour. Sorry about not knowing the times. It was all a bit of a blur. Although I cut back on what I was making to take to the party I still made five different things in the span of about 4 hours (details in future posts).

So, ultimately they still tasted good — it’s bacon after all — but they could be better. As I sit here at then end of this post, which has taken me about 45 minutes to write (I get a little ADD when I write these, plus I’m on a tablet which is great but a touch harder to do) I’m thinking about the past times I’ve made these and I get the feeling that in the past I’ve out the brown sugar on them while still in the oven and then the went in the crockpot to keep them warm. That actually seems more reasonable and something that would work better. Maybe next time. I’m sure I’ll make them again.

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