Orange Grove Mini Cheesecakes


I would not consider myself an expert in making cheesecakes but I have made a fair amount (see posts from early 2013). However, I’ve never made mini cheesecakes. So, when I came across this recipe, I thought I’d give it a try. In the end, they turned out fine and tasted good but I was worried about them.

It was hard to get the mix into the cups evenly although I was using a cookie scoop. Some had more than others.
The vanilla wafer on the bottom didn’t fill the cup and, after taking them out of the pan, seemed to be “wet” inside the paper lining. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of moisture inside the lining. Usually the crust is hard, or at least hardens.
Since you have to make cheesecake at least the day before you want to eat it, I just took them out, put them in another pan and covered it with press n’ seal (Best. Stuff. Ever.).
Two days later I got around to finishing them. The wafer on the bottom still seemed wet. This time I took the paper off and out them in another container while I put the chocolate covered wafer in and the raspberry stuff on top.

As you can see from my picture and the picture online in the recipe, I did my chocolate different. I used some of the semi-sweet I had for Oreo balls rather than melt more white chocolate. And I chose to dip them rather than drizzle since, well, that never works for me anyway. And for the raspberry stuff, instead of jarred jam (or whatever it called for) I mixed about a half cup of frozen raspberries (that I had bought fresh and froze) with a 1/8 cup of sugar and cooked it down over low heat. I then strained it before putting about a teaspoon on each one. I’m glad I licked the spoon after I was done cause if I would have tried it at the beginning I may have eaten it all and would have had to start over. I love red raspberries.

Anyway, despite my uneasiness over the fact that the bottom “crust” seemed to be soft and the whole thing might not taste good, it worked out and everyone who ate it, thought it was great. Whew.

Oh, and despite the name, and the presence of grated orange peel, it didn’t taste much like orange.

Orange Grove Mini Cheesecakes

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