Christmas Wreath Cake


This cake (and post) is much more about the concept and technique rather than the cake itself. After all, you use a store bought cake mix and frosting. But you don’t have to. You could make it all from scratch. But I didn’t. I used a Pillsbury brand cake mix (with pudding in the mix!) as that is the only kind we buy if we are buying it (and we do, quite often actually). And a canister of Pillsbury brand vanilla frosting.

So here is the concept – layer different colored cake batters in a bundt pan. Bake and get a nice effect that you can call a Christmas cake or wreath cake or whatever. And, if you use different colors, you can do this for almost any holiday.

So you make the cake according to the box. Divide it in half and place one half in a greased bundt pan. Take the other half and divide it in half again. Make one of those halves (technically quarters) red and the other green. Place half the red in the pan on top o the white. Place all of the green on the red. Top with the remaining red. Bake according to instructions.

Once the cake is cooled, divide frosting in half. Mix one half with green. Warm each part up so it can be drizzled. Drizzle the white over the cake followed by the green. Be careful not to get it too warm or it will just run off the cake (like I did). As a result, I ended up scraping off a lot of the white that had pooled on the plate and putting it in withe green remnants. That resulted in a very light green, which you can see in the picture (the three different colors). Place sprinkles on top.

CAUTION – those sprinkles are tricky. They bounced everywhere and I had to clean the counter, the stove and the floor (twice) while still picking them off of my feet as I walked around the kitchen.

Anywho, the cake tasted great and looked ok. I was a bit disappointed that the colors seemed to be “stuck” around the middle rather than more spread out. I tried to make sure that the white was nice and settled and that the rest was spread evenly in the pan.

But oh well. It was a nice experiment. Maybe swirling it around with a knife next time would make it better.

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