Cool Mint Oreo Balls


As I have continued to look at cookie recipes online I eventually stumbled on to this Kraft website with an Oreo ball recipe. And then I just kept clicking on the other “suggested” Oreo ball recipes until I may have found around six that I want to try. Maybe I’ll find time to make them all by next Christmas.

As for these, it is a fairly simple recipe. I did follow it as written. I did use a food processor to both chop the cookies and then incorporate the cream cheese. Works great. As far as dipping them in the chocolate, the recipe recommends using two forks to push it around and take out. I tried putting a toothpick in and swirling it around. The downside was I had to then use another toothpick to push it off, leaving the top “messed up”. Luckily, putting the sprinkles on top covered it right up. Speaking of the sprinkles, you need to put those in right away or they won’t stick as the chocolate hardens fairly fast.

An excellent Oreo ball even if the mint flavor doesn’t quite come through as much as I had hoped. There is an option to add mint flavor to the chocolate. Maybe next time. Oh and, per usual, I didn’t get as many as the recipe called for, which was 40. But, I think this is one of those things that you make according to the size you want.

Cool Mint Oreo Balls

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