Bacon Wrapped Salmon with Creamy Polenta


A week or two ago I was “challenged” that you couldn’t mix bacon and salmon. The actual conversation was something along the lines of my saying that while salmon was good, I didn’t think it was great and then I was accused of not liking it because I couldn’t add bacon. So, I set out to prove them wrong.

I win.

A quick search of the internet netted a few recipes. Not a ton but enough that told me it can be done. I settled on this one as it was the easiest – least number of ingredients and easiest cooking. Not that I can’t do complicated, but I figured, why bother if I didn’t have to? I make plenty of things that are complicated.

How did it turn out you ask? Fantastic. The dill and garlic powder are a surprisingly good combination that complimented both the fish and the bacon. Once it was time to put the broiler on the crisp the bacon, I was careful to not let it get too crisp. Even if you like really crisp bacon, I think this works better when the bacon is still a little soft (yet cooked through). The polenta was an addition that I choose. One of the other recipes had it and I thought it would work fine with this one as well and I was right. At least I thought so. The rest of the family is, as it turns out, not polenta fans. I love it. It actually reminds me of a breakfast that my mother used to make when I was little, which was basically cream of wheat but with cornmeal. A little butter and some honey and you are good to go. But I digress (it happens).

I got 1 1/2 pounds of salmon and created four pieces. That is much larger than the recipe calls for but the pieces didn’t seem overly large. I also increased the dill and garlic powder to compensate, 1 1/2 times what it called for. And, even with the larger pieces, I didn’t use that much bacon. Only about 1 slice per piece of salmon.

The link to the salmon recipe is down below. Here is the polenta recipe. The only trouble I had with the polenta was managing the heat. The thicker it got, the harder it was to maintain a “slow simmer” without it bubbling up and the bubbles popping, causing a mess. But it turned out.

4 cups water
2 TSP salt
1 cup cornmeal
2 TBSP butter

Bring water and salt to a rolling boil. Add the cornmeal in a steady stream, stirring constantly. Don’t add it all at once, or too much at once or it will create lumps. Once all the cornmeal has been added, turn the heat down and maintain a slow simmer for 20-25 minutes stirring frequently. It will thicken during this time. Once done, remove from heat and stir in butter.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon

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