Baked Eggs


A week or so ago I went on a mini internet recipe binge. You know, when you go looking for something specific and the next thing you know you’ve found three weeks worth of recipes you want to try. Happens to me all the time. This time however I managed to limit myself to only a few. This was one of them. It sounded like a great dish and looked fairly simple. AND I made it on a weekday morning bucking my trend of not being fancy with breakfast during the week. Plus it gave me a chance to use these little dishes which I’ve had for years and never really truly used. Curse my compulsive kitchen purchasing.

That was a mistake.

I remembered why I don’t go fancy during the week. I don’t have time. It never works exactly right and I end up running late. Happened again. Tried not to start too early since I was making two (well, really just splitting it into two dishes) and I leave with one kid before my wife leaves with the other. Should have started earlier. But, I digress.

It was easy to put together, it just takes some time. I’d make sure you have at least a half an hour to do this. So what about the dish itself? Well, it tasted great, the thyme gives it a nice savory flavor that was different than I’m used to in eggs. Or breakfast for that matter. The downside was that the ratio of eggs to mushrooms was off. It calls for 4 eggs and says it feeds 2-4. Easy math there, eat all 4 eggs yourself or two per person. Or somehow split the the 4 eggs three ways. Anyway – it needed either more eggs or less mushrooms. I would go with less mushrooms as I’m not sure how many eggs you should be eating in one sitting. Although six eggs (three per person) might be okay and it might work with that ratio.

Other than that, it was good. I used a TSP of dried garlic flakes instead of fresh minced (a timing decision as I had limited time). And it called for some heavy cream over the top but I didn’t do it. I was going to just do milk but I skipped it. As far as baking goes, I’d bake it for around 13 minutes to make sure the eggs are set. Unless you like really runny eggs. After 10 minutes I took it out and pushed my fork into one of them to eat it and the yolk gushed out. Gushed out. Back in the oven it went for a few more minutes.

This is something I will try again, but when I have more time.

4 large eggs
8 oz sliced mushrooms (any kind you want)
1 TBSP butter
1 garlic clove minced
1/2 TSP ground thyme
2 TBSP heavy cream
1/3 cup shredded gruyere cheese (I used an applewood smoked gruyere I had left over)

Melt butter in a skillet and cook mushrooms about 7 minutes or until soft. Place mushrooms in a greased 8×8 pan (or other suitable dish). Crack eggs over the mushrooms. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Sprinkle cheese over eggs. Drizzle cream over the top. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 10-13 minutes.

Here is the original post I got the recipe from –

Baked Eggs

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