Cinnamon-Vanilla French Toast with Rustic Italian Boule


As I think I’ve posted before, breakfast only gets “fancy” on the weekends and then, while I’m partial to waffles and like to try new things, 98% of the time I make pancakes at the request of the rest of the family. But this last weekend, I had a hankering for french toast. And not just your run of the mill french toast. Something different. And for me, that started with the bread. I couldn’t do just plain old white bread (although some of the best I’ve had is my dad making it with thick Texas toast bread, which is white bread). So I wandered through the bread aisle and not really finding anything, went over to the bakery and eventually settled on a a rustic Italian boule – a rounded loaf. I bought two, not being sure how many slices I would get out of one loaf compared to the amount of egg mixture. Turns out I only needed one loaf.

French toast is fairly simple to put together it is mostly just eggs and some milk which is why it is often referred to as “egg or eggy bread”. So after checking a few recipes to make sure I got the ratio of egg and milk right (or close) I came up with the recipe below. It was really good with the cinnamon and vanilla working well together. The downside,mid you want to call it that was that I got 12 slices of bread out of one of the loaves (plus a smaller end piece) and was running out of egg mixture. So I made a half of the recipe to make up for it and it worked out. What is below is the “original”. You’ll have to adjust as needed depending on how much bread you have and how much you want to make. Twelve slices was more than enough for us and created some leftovers.

4 eggs
2/3 cup milk
1 TSP cinnamon
1 TSP vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk. Soak bread pieces on each side in mixture for a few seconds. Cook on a heated griddle (for us, electric set between 325 and 350 degrees) for a minute or two on each side. It won’t take long for it to be done. Serve with syrup or other topping of your choice.

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